FILLER - Venome


Venome Filler is a range of five tissue fillers, containing monophasic, non-animal, cross-linked hyaluronic acid obtained using bio-fermentation technology. Each Venome product contains a different amount of sodium hyaluronate and a cross-linking agent, which allows you to find the product perfectly matching both the indication and the desired correction scope. Whether your goal is to hydrate and revitalize the skin, eliminate fine or medium wrinkles, add volume, reshape parts of the face or enhance the client’s lips — the Venome products are just what you are looking for.

Venome Filler products are manufactured using an innovative  technology, involving a combination of stabilized, uniformly sized high molecular weight hyaluronic acid with an appropriate physiological buffer solution which hydrates the formula and produces a three-dimensional cross-linked HA structure.

The technological process of Venome Filler production begins with double purification of the basic components to remove any cell wall residues, making it possible to obtain HA with demonstrated very low protein and endotoxin levels and minimize any risk of allergic reaction. The purified product is then evenly distributed throughout the whole mixture.

The sodium hyaluronate is stabilized using the BDDE cross-linking agent. The goal is to link the molecules with chemical bonds that slow down product degradation and provide the necessary resistance to hyaluronidase, an enzyme naturally found in the body. Any excess BDDE is removed by leaching. This largely determines the final structure of the cross-linked HA and minimizes the risk of any unwanted overcorrection during the treatment.

The next step involves combining the cross-linked formula and the physiological buffer solution. In this process, the stabilized chains are coated with an aqueous layer, which prevents over-absorption of water during and after the injection and thus reduces swelling. The process of double homogenization allows for obtaining a perfectly smooth and consistent gel with high structural viscosity.

The use of the technology helps obtain uniform and elastic hyaluronic acid, increasing the comfort of treatments with Venome Filler products. A fully hydrated HA formula minimizes the risk of swelling, making the process of achieving the ideal result easier for the practitioner, helping them administer the right amount of the product, and accelerating recovery. The products are dedicated to professional use for in-office treatment.

Medical device for external use, to be used by medical professionals only.