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Mesococktails rich in active substances that will help you fight any skin problem? Sounds like Venome Meso! As part of this series you will find products specially selected for specific skin areas and their individual needs. Wrinkles, photoaging, cellulite, thin, delicate hair, atopic skin, hyperpigmentation, acne, dark circles under the eyes, delicate skin are the challenges that Venome Meso cocktails will address.


These are 3 types of concentrated external ampoules, consisting of carefully selected active ingredients. LIFT, HYDRATION and GLOW are easy-to-use products that perfectly complement the treatment protocol. Thanks to SKIN ANTIDOTE, your skin will become smooth, moisturized and will regain an even color!


Venome Filler is a range of five tissue fillers, containing monophasic, non-animal, cross-linked hyaluronic acid obtained using bio-fermentation technology. Each Venome product consists of a different amount of sodium hyaluronate and a cross-linking agent, which allows you to find the product perfectly matching both the indication and the desired scope of correction. Whether your goal is to hydrate and revitalize skin, eliminate fine or medium wrinkles, add volume, reshape parts of the face or enhance a client’s lips – the Venome products are just what you are looking for.


Venome Trycho Hair Filler is an expert product which uniquely combines hyaluronic acid, growth factors and biomimetic peptides to effectively eliminate the problem of weak and thinning hair by stimulating the revitalization of hair bulbs and restoration of healthy hair shafts. A carefully selected combination of ingredients boosts cellular activity, stimulates cell division and accelerates microcirculation in the scalp.


It’s here! New Venome product category: Stimulate! Problem with proper skin hydration, mimic wrinkles, lack of skin tension? Apply a combination therapy using Venome Stimulate Collagen, Booster HA 6% and Peptides Complex and admire the effects! The products contain unique ingredients which make them incredibly effective! See for yourself!


Venome mesotherapy components are a range of 8 sterile products closed in 10 ml vials. In the Venome Components range you will find intermediates that, when used separately or in combination, will completely solve or reduce problems such as: skin flaccidity, fine and thinning hair, cellulite, wrinkles, discolorations and hyperpigmentation, fat deposits, stretch marks and scars, excessive sebum production, dry and dull skin, tired and dehydrated skin. MIX IT! You can use all Venome components separately or create an individual preparation using appropriate combinations of semi-finished products from the Components line, according to the patient’s requirements and problem.


When we started creating Venome, we wanted to create a series of complementary, specialized products aimed at the most troublesome skin problems. Today we can see that we have managed to create a lot more – a friendly space to exchange experiences and talk about needs, which resulted in a series of bestsellers.