STORY - Venome

Some say beauty cannot last forever, so caring too much about your looks is pointless. Some say all that matters is on the inside… Some say you have to let yourself age without interfering with the process… Some say a face cream is enough.

Are you sure about all that?

All of these statements are out of touch with what the modern world has to offer. In a way, the way we look has dominated our lives, so we simply have to a pay at least a little attention to it. At the same time, many of us consciously or sub-consciously place the perfection bar for ourselves quite high. If you hear someone say appearance does not matter at all to them — well, they are not telling you the whole truth, are they? Everyone wants to look good. It makes us feel better about ourselves.

Our whole life, we struggle with what is on the outside. When we wake up in the morning, in different moods, we look in the mirror. For some of us, this brings neither pleasure nor satisfaction. When we do not fully accept our reflection in the mirror, we start to believe we have some aesthetic problems.

Think about it.
Puffy eyes after a sleepless night.
Lips that look nothing like those on the cover of a magazine you saw recently.
Sunspots after summer holidays.
Thinning hair when you are a new mom.
Loose skin on legs and stubborn cellulite.
Red, inflamed skin.
Fat tissue that simply will not go away, no matter how hard you try.
Dry skin, whose thirst cannot be quenched by even the most expensive creams.
Expression wrinkles that just keep on coming.

It is very hard to take a look at your reflection and convincingly say: “I am beautiful”. Time pressure and not knowing what causes the problem only make things worse. Your appearance only intensifies your insecurities. You frantically keep on buying more and more cosmetics, and then waste time using them to no avail.

It is simply not worth it, believe it.

However, there are permanent solutions worth considering.

Problem-focused aesthetic medicine treatments, performed by an experienced practitioner, will help you see the results you dream of quicker.
The key to success is choosing the right products.

Combining professionalism and passion.
Based on experience and verification of needs.
Analyzing causes, looking for solutions to effectively eliminate them.
Double-checking the quality and examining the desired results.

This is how Venome was born.

Venome — an aesthetic medicine product brand that will help you solve nearly any skin problem.

Venome is the art of beauty.

A Polish team. Italian, German, Spanish, and Polish laboratories.

Innovative concepts combined in a timeless approach to aesthetics and skincare.

Venome was created leveraging ten years of experience in the aesthetic business. Thousands of clients and the multitude of solutions offered by the market — most of them ignoring the real needs of practitioners and patients — are what motivated us to create tailor-made products that best match the most common aesthetic problems.


The idea behind the Venome brand, which we always communicate to professionals, involves a personalized approach and deep analysis to minimize the causes and consistently eliminate the problem using the right products from the following ranges:

  • Venome Meso
  • Venome Stimulate
  • Venome Filler
  • Venome Peel
  • Venome Autologic
  • Venome Skin Antidote
  • Venome Succinate
  • Venome Lipo
  • Venome Trycho.

Each Venome product is designed to solve a specific problem and help both practitioners and patients achieve success.

Venome equals passion, science and reliability.

Venome products are manufactured in Italian and German laboratories, in compliance with the ISO 13485 standard for medical devices and the ISO 22716 Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) for cosmetics.

The manufacturing facilities are equipped in clean rooms — special areas designed to keep all contamination out and prevent its accumulation. Clean rooms have a precisely set level of humidity and are monitored for any potential contamination with microbes or particles. Thus, the products offer a high safety profile, which is one of the priorities of the Venome brand.

The process of perfecting the products by the Venome team is navigated by safety assessors who evaluate every element of production, such as ensuring the correct formulation, product stability, proper labeling, and the final verification of the entire manufacturing process. This way, we can obtain high quality and safety. We like to stand out.

Now, you have only two options. Choosing an effective Venome treatment — or keeping to your excuses.

Ready to go?