Cosmeceuticals from Venome available at Super-Pharm! - Venome

Cosmeceuticals from Venome available at Super-Pharm!

Cosmeceuticals from Venome available at Super-Pharm!

Cosmeceuticals from Venome available at Super-Pharm! 150 150 Venome

At this point we hardly need to explain how important your at home skincare is. With this in mind, we have created the Venome line of cosmeceuticals, containing effective blend of active ingredients that your face needs on a daily basis.

And because we wanted the products from this skincare line to also be available stationary, we have established cooperation with Super-Pharm. The drugstores of this chain offer a wide selection of cosmetics and dermocosmetics, while its customers can count on the help and advice of consultants. Currently, the Super-Pharm chain operates in all major cities in Poland and has more than 70 stores.

Venome products – Unique Cream and Acid&C Serum – can be found on the dermocosmetics shelf.

Venome Unique Cream

Venome Unique Cream is an all-purpose, nourishing, regenerating concentrate in the form of a lightweight cream. It helps restore the hydrolipid barrier, providing the skin with the long-lasting hydration and protection needed to counteract and reduce visible signs of skin aging. It brings back softness, elasticity and intense radiance to the skin.

Active ingredients:

  • Musk rose oil – improves hydrolipidic balance, counteracts free radicals and promotes regeneration
  • Hyaluronic acid and squalene – intensively moisturize, protecting the epidermis from harmful external factors
  • cholesterol – strengthens the integrity of the epidermis and participates in the reconstruction of the hydrolipid barrier
  • yeast extract – protects protein fibres, which stimulates them to produce collagen and elastin; combined with phytosphingosine, it regulates the sebaceous glands, reducing the formation of blackheads and inflammation
  • succinic acid – oxygenates, nourishes and stimulates skin regeneration
  • amino acid complex – restores skin elasticity and firmness

Venome Acid & C Serum

Venome Acid & C Serum is an intensive brightening therapy that effectively reduces pigmentation of the skin, restoring a proper, even skin tone. The serum is based on the highest, 20% concentration of an innovative form of vitamin C, which is characterized by high stability and effectiveness, lack of irritation, additionally showing very effective transepidermal penetration. Acid & C Concentrate accelerates cell renewal through its high antioxidant potential, tightening the tissue and enhancing its elasticity. Thanks to the velvety texture, serum is quickly absorbed, leaving an intense radiance and optimal hydration level.

Active ingredients:

  • vitamin C 20% – stimulates the production of collagen fibers, giving the skin proper density and firmness
  • ferulic acid – has antioxidant properties, reduces the appearance of discoloration and improves the skin tone
  • alfalfa extract – enhances cell renewal processes, smoothing the skin and reducing the appearance of wrinkles
  • vitamin E – improves skin elasticity
  • succinic acid and hyaluronic acid – working in synergy, they increase cellular stimulation, reducing wrinkles and improving tissue density