When we started creating Venome, we wanted to create a series of complementary, specialized products aimed at the most troublesome skin problems. Today we can see that we have managed to create a lot more – a friendly space to exchange experiences and talk about needs, which resulted in a series of bestsellers.
What’s up? In recent years, our space has been really loud. We had thousands of wonderful conversations: with aesthetic medicine specialists, scientists and, most importantly, with hundreds of women and men who shared with us not only their cosmetic problems, but also how they affect their lives (yes, there were many emotions ).


A friendly space must be full of understanding. It doesn’t matter if you want to get rid of acne before the prom, give yourself a natural glow before you stand on the wedding carpet, eliminate the bags under the eyes that clearly show how anxious your baby is at night, tighten the skin so that nobody at School Reunion will believe that 30 years have passed, or fully enjoy being a grandmother without grandma’s furrows and discoloration. Venome space is really big. And we have the perfect place in it for you.


Venome Products were created as a result of thousands of conversations, but their names are so simple that we can easily recommend them to you during a short meeting – even if you have nothing to write with. Of course, they contain specialized ingredients with complex names, but it is not the number of letters that indicates the effectiveness of our solutions – the alphabet is simply too small to cover all the work and experience put into creating each of our preparations 🙂


Of course, we’re all busy, but when you go to the aesthetic surgery office, we will almost certainly be there (but just in case ask!). After a successful treatment, we will also visit you – our preparations will help you maintain great effects for longer, at home. With good wine and in T-shirts extra large – like real friends.


We are big fans of naturalness and for us you really always look beautiful – we’ve known each other for 7 years! But we also understand that it is better to feel better and sometimes you have to do something over time. Therefore, we will never criticize your wrinkles, but when you want to do something about them, we’ll suggest the best solution. And together we will enjoy your new look. Without a trace of jealousy!