Professional kit for the complete PRP Venome FULL KIT procedure.

Autologous therapies are characterised by the use of material obtained from the patient's blood during treatment. Commonly referred to as a "vampire lifting", platelet-rich plasma has many properties, including regenerating, rejuvenating and accelerating healing.

After centrifugation, we obtain a preparation that is an indispensable stimulator for tissue repair through autologous cell therapy. The treatment is an ideal solution for revitalising the skin in practically most cases, which is why its popularity in aesthetic medicine offices continues to grow.

PRP is most commonly used for mature skins that have lost their elasticity and firmness, as well as skins with visible wrinkles and pigmentation disorders and in the treatment of acne scars. In addition, treatments based on this innovative technology have been used in the treatment of alopecia of various origins, stretch marks, vascular skin problems, where a significant improvement in resolving erythema has been noted, by reconstructing the skin along with a reduction in its reactivity.


  • Platelet-rich plasma treatments are one of the most popular treatments alongside tissue stimulators, which are often considered to support therapies with stimulating products, such as Venome Amber
  • The procedure using PRP does not involve the risk of any allergic reactions, due to the collection of autologous material (patient's blood)

The Venome kit contains all the components necessary to perform a platelet rich plasma treatment.

  • 2 Pieces: 10ml PRP Tubes
  • 1 Piece: 10ml Re-suspension Tube
  • 1 Piece: 18G/90mm Long Needle
  • 1 Piece: Handle
  • 1 Piece: 1ml Syringe
  • 1 Piece: 5ml Syringe
  • 1 Piece: 30G/13mm Needle
  • 1 Piece: 21G/40mm Needle
  • 1 Piece: Blood Collection Needle

All kit components are sterile.

Contraindications to the procedure: pregnancy and breastfeeding, blood coagulation disorders, taking anticoagulants, liver disease, blood diseases, critical thrombocytopenia, tumours, platelet dysfunction syndromes, haemodynamic instability, acute conditions resulting from autoimmune diseases.