Venome Amber Rose is a unique stimulating and revitalising treatment that, with its advanced formula based on a combination of PDRN (1%), succinic acid (1%) and hyaluronic acid (1%), a peptide complex and rosehip and hibiscus flower extract, activates powerful tissue fibroplasia for the formation of new protein fibres, including type I and III collagen.

The process of fibroplasia involves the reconstruction and repair of damaged tissues through intensive division and multiplication of fibroblasts, responsible for the production of new collagen and elastin fibres, which are essential for the formation and strengthening of the skin's natural framework.

Thanks to the use of stimulators in the formula, including succinic acid and fragmented hyaluronic acid, it is possible to activate tissue fibroplasia, the intensity of which in Venome Amber Rose is enhanced thanks to the enriched formula with biomimetic peptides, which are naturally occurring peptides and growth factors, as well as plant extracts showing antioxidant properties.

The PDRN contained in the formulation has a powerful anti-ageing effect, thanks to the presence of the key DNA elements purine and pyrimidine bases and its active formula, it penetrates deep into the cells and then activates the synthesis of its own DNA. The divisions of healthy structures affect the intensive regeneration of damaged tissues, making the skin dense and firm.

The three-dimensional structure of the polydeoxyribonucleotides increases the levels of fibronectin, a protein involved in scarring and accelerating skin healing, and provides the skin with the necessary tension and elasticity. In addition, it protects skin cells from damage caused by UVA and UVB radiation.

Succinic acid is a natural tissue bio-stimulator found in every living organism. It is involved in the Krebs Cycle, the product of which is the universal energy carrier ATP, responsible for the proper functioning of cells. In addition, succinic acid shows strong antioxidant potential, thus reducing free radicals responsible for the degradation of lipids and proteins as well as collagen, elastin fibres.

Venome Amber Rose uses fragmented hyaluronic acid to restore the proper water balance of the extracellular matrix and stimulate fibroblasts to intensively produce new skin protein fibres.


Effective skin stimulation relies on the activation of the CD44 receptor, located on the fibroblast, whose intensified action initiates faster cell division and highly efficient skin regeneration, which is based on the production of type III collagen, commonly referred to as young collagen, the increased amount of which improves skin density and firmness. Stimulation of the CD44 receptor is only possible using specialised fragmented hyaluronic acid, which contains between 20 and 40 monomers.

A complex of B vitamins plays an important role in accelerating cell reconstruction and regeneration, providing essential nutrients for collagen production and maintaining the correct level of hydration. Vitamin B9, also known as folic acid, is involved in many enzyme reactions, including the synthesis of nucleic acids, thereby regulating cell growth and function. The combination of B vitamins and panthenol accelerates cell division, stimulating microcirculation, resulting in a stronger anti-wrinkle effect.

The rosehip extract used in the product is rich in vitamins C, A and E and many other substances of natural origin such as carotenoids and tannins. Tannins are compounds that soothe irritation, burning and inflammation. They have the ability to bond with the collagen in the skin, forming a hard-penetrating membrane on the damaged tissue to protect the structures from external agents. Tannins can also be used to improve the quality of the skin, as they promote hydration and have a protective and strengthening effect.

The vitamin C contained in the extract has an antioxidant effect, protecting cells from oxidative stress, which is one of the causes of skin ageing, while polyphenols, which include flavonoids and phenolic acid, prevent the degradation of collagen fibres, elastin and hyaluronic acid by inhibiting the activity of enzymes such as hyaluronidase, collagenase and elastase, providing the skin with intensive revitalisation.

Hibiscus flower extract has a strengthening effect on the blood vessel walls, protecting against the formation of visible blood vessels, thanks to the presence of monosaccharides and oligosaccharides in the composition, the extract has a nourishing, moisturising and soothing effect on the skin.

Tyrosinase is a metalloenzyme involved in the process of melanogenesis leading to the formation of melanin, the natural pigment of the skin, hair, eyes. The use of niacinamide (vitamin B3), a tyrosine inhibitor, in Venome Amber Rose allows for the effective levelling of the discolouration and hyperpigmentation that has occurred, improving the skin's colour and giving the skin a strong radiant effect.

N-acetylglucosamine is a derivative of glucosamine, naturally occurring in the human body, and shows properties that stimulate the production of hyaluronic acid and is a precursor in the synthesis of collagen in tissues. It is responsible for the elasticity, firmness and density of the skin enhancing the wrinkle-filling effect. The N-acetylglucosamine in the formula is stabilised by the presence of niacinamide, which influences the even distribution of the product.

The additional presence of panthenol in the product helps to soothe irritation and regenerate the complexion.

The innovative combination of active ingredients in the Venome Amber Rose product is characterised by its high effectiveness in terms of tissue nourishment and regeneration, as well as the powerful restoration of protein fibres. The synergy of ingredients can effectively reduce the problem of dehydrated skin with visible wrinkles, loss of flabbiness and firmness, restoring adequate hydration, smoothing wrinkles and lost volume.

  • wrinkles on the forehead, around the eyes, fixed furrows
  • acne-prone skin, with skin problems
  • dry, dehydrated skin
  • flaccid skin lacking volume
  • with visible hyperpigmentation

Face, neck, cleavage, hands - every 7-14 days in sessions of 4/6 repetitions,
Abdomen, stretch marks and scars - 5/6 treatments.

Reminder session

Apply once a month or use the full series every six months.