Venome Lactic Hydration chemical peel is a revitalizing treatment which strengthens the skin’s natural protective barrier, directly increasing the amount of ceramides, and thus making the skin more hydrated and its lipid barrier — stronger. A unique combination of lactic acid, three amino acids, allantoin, and ascorbic acid stimulates skin cells, improves skin quality and the structure of its superficial layers, making it toned and lifted.

Lactic acid used in the product is an alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) formed as a result of sugar fermentation by lactic acid bacteria. It is also one of the components of the natural moisturizing factor (NMF), which means it protects tissues against damage, effectively nourishes the skin, and provides the right level of hydration. It also helps regulate the process of epidermal keratinization, restoring the natural, physiological pH, and thus making the skin soft and smooth.

Lactic acid clears the pores and is therefore recommended to prevent blemishes resulting from improper skin care at home. Lactic Hydration also suppresses tyrosinase, thus brightening the skin and minimizing the appearance of dark spots.

Owing to the use of an amino acid complex contained in the NMF, which includes lysine, glycine and serine, the product boosts extracellular matrix synthesis and slows down the skin aging process. The product contains glycine, which is one of the main components of collagen fibers (33.7% of all amino acid residues), and thus makes tissues firmer and more elastic.

The product is also rich in highly hygroscopic allantoin, a keratolytic agent which boosts skin regeneration. Ascorbic acid is a powerful antioxidant which eliminates large amounts of oxygen free radicals.

Venome Lactic Hydration chemical peel contains a unique combination of lactic acid, amino acid complex, allantoin and ascorbic acid, and is therefore perfect for moisturizing and regenerating the skin, as well stimulating fibroblast production. It restores skin hydration and firmness.

dry skin
dull skin
loose skin
uneven skin, dry patches or excessive sebum excretion
flaccid skin, visible aging signs
minor acne scars
skin with impurities

Aqua, Lactic acid, Sucrose, Sodium PCA, Lysine HCl, Glycine, Serine, Allantoin, 3-o-Ethyl ascorbic acid, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Sodium Hydroxide

The recommended course of treatment includes a maximum of four sessions, 1–4 weeks apart. During the course of the treatment, it is important to use a regenerating moisturizer as well as SKIN ANTIDOTE GLOW in the evening and SPF 50+ during the day to protect the skin against sun damage.