VENOME PEN Ultima A6-S is a device designed to perform micro-needle mesotherapy treatments with the use of carefully selected cartridges and adjustable skin perforation depth.

Needle extension range: 0.25 - 2.5 mm
Puncture speed: 22,000 punctures per minute.
Wireless working time up to 8 hours

Venome Pen is the perfect tool in the fight against wrinkles, acne scars, pigmentation or stretch marks. The device can operate in both wired and wireless mode, offering great flexibility.

How does the Venome Pen work?

Micro-puncture stimulates the skin’s natural collagen and elastin production processes, making the skin firm and supple. Thanks to the punctures made, nutrients from applied product reach deeper into the skin, effectively nourishing it.

Advantages of using micro-needle mesotherapy with the Venome Pen

  • Quick treatment
  • Precise treatment
  • Injection depth control
  • Possible to make more punctures
  • Intense stimulation of the skin on the same levels

Advantages of the Venome Pen

  • High puncture rate of up to 22,000 punctures per minute
  • LCD display indicating the current operating mode (1-6)
  • High-quality aluminium casing
  • Wired and wireless operation mode
  • Stable 3-point cartridge attachment
  • Cartridges with the thinnest needles of 0.18 mm - making the treatment more effective and less painful

Set includes

  • Venome Pen Ultima A6-S device
  • 2 pcs of Lithium-ion batteries (500 mah)
  • Wired operation module
  • Charger
  • 2 pcs of 16PIN cartridges
  • Power supply + cable
  • Operating instructions in English

Product intended for professional use.