ACID & C SERUM - Venome


Venome Acid & C Serum — intensely regenerating nourishing complex with antioxidant and anti-aging ingredients, synergistically supporting natural regeneration and stimulation, which helps make the skin denser and firmer. With its velvety texture, the serum absorbs quickly, leaving the skin radiant and moisturized.

The serum contains an innovative form of vitamin C at the highest, 20% concentration. This form of vitamin C is the most efficient, highly stable, and does not cause irritation. Furthermore, it can effectively penetrate the epidermis. Vitamin C is an extremely important component for the production of new collagen fibers, which is why it is crucial to ensure its adequate daily supply. Owing to the use of ethyl ascorbic acid, the product can stay in the skin longer, boosting its regenerative potential and ensuring better protection. Regularly used over longer periods of time, the product helps the skin restore the right density and firmness.

Owing to the content of ferulic acid, with extremely powerful antioxidant properties and the capacity to reduce discoloration, the product inhibits tyrosinase activity, helping reduce hyperpigmentation and giving the skin an even tone. Ferulic acid also effectively minimizes the amount of free radicals which are responsible for damaging protein structures. The product also demonstrates anti-inflammatory potential, accelerating healing processes in the skin.

The content of vitamin E improves the skin’s elasticity by improving the integrity of intercellular cement. Ferulic acid also enhances the action of tocopherol (vitamin E) and vitamin C, by making them more stable and improving their efficacy as antioxidants. This is why the product effectively slows down aging caused by free radicals.

Alfalfa extract demonstrates similar properties to retinol: it effectively boosts cellular regeneration, making the skin smoother and reducing the visibility of wrinkles.

A synergistic combination of succinic and hyaluronic acids enhances cellular stimulation in a natural way, reducing wrinkles and improving tissue density. Hyaluronic acid increases hydration in deeper layers of the skin, leaving it firm and toned.

Succinic acid in the product can activate and accelerate naturally occurring cellular metabolism, which significantly increases the number of transported ions and contributes to more efficient cellular respiration, all of which counteracts cellular degradation resulting from low oxygen levels. Succinic acid also demonstrates powerful anti-oxidative properties, thus lowering the risk of oxidative stress which causes irreversible changes in the DNA of the cell. At the same time, regeneration processes occur much quicker, which makes the skin more resistant to external factors.

The Venome Acid & C Serum is an intense brightening treatment which effectively reduces hyperpigmentation and restores an even skin tone. Owing to its high anti-oxidative potential, Acid & C concentrated serum accelerates cellular renewal, improving skin tone and making the tissues more elastic.

Apply a small amount of product onto cleansed skin of the face. Massage until completely absorbed and use face cream suitable for your skin type.


To boost the product’s nourishing potential, use together with the Venome Unique Cream.

  • STEP 1 – apply the Acid & C serum
  • STEP 2 – apply the Unique cream


  • lacks glow
  • is dehydrated
  • has an uneven tone with discolorations
  • has visible aging signs (wrinkles)
  • lost its density and elasticity
  • is exposed to UV radiation