The innovative product Venome Trycho Hair Filler 2.0 is a unique combination of hyaluronic acid, hydrolyzed keratin, growth factors and biomimetic peptides to effectively eliminate the problem of weak and thinning hair by stimulating the revitalization of hair bulbs and restoration of healthy hair shafts. A carefully selected combination of ingredients boosts cellular activity, stimulates cell division and accelerates microcirculation in the scalp.

The perfect combination of active ingredients constantly boosts cell proliferation and stimulates the formation of new blood vessels, ensuring the right nutrition and oxygenation of hair bulbs. It also helps limit DHT-induced hair loss. DHT (dihydrotestosterone) limits blood supply to hair follicles and, as a result, gradually impairs healthy hair growth. The activity of polypeptide-11 boosts effective cell proliferation and helps accelerate strong hair growth. The product effectively regenerates over-processed hair, including hair bulbs, hair shafts, and scalp.

Biomimetic peptides are synthetic, lab-crafted short-chain amino acids which perfectly mimic natural growth factors — modulating substances naturally found in the human body, responsible for stimulating other cells to grow, divide, and differentiate.

Growth factors are polypeptides, which can stimulate or inhibit processes occurring in cells. Peptides and growth factors work together in an optimum way, which involves binding to the target cell’s transmembrane receptors and initiating the transmission of signals inside cells, which enables the regulation of metabolic processes in the selected location.

Unfortunately, aging, bad diet, and oxidative stress diminish the synthesis of natural pep- tides, which impairs cell structure and slows down cellular metabolism. As a result, the body ages much more quickly and hair loss is more intense. This process can be slowed down by compensating growth factor and biomimetic peptide deficiencies through mesotherapy.

Venome Trycho Hair Filler contains growth factors and peptides which act synergistically and target the problem on many levels — they stimulate the cells to grow and work, limit the loss of weak and damaged hair, and reduce androgenic alopecia.

sh-Polipeptyd-11 - (aFGF, acidic Fibroblast Growth Factor)

A fibroblast growth factor that stimulates angiogenesis (the formation of new capillaries). Stabilizes hair life cycle and stimulates the anagen phase.

sh-Polipeptyd-1, (EGF, Epidermal Growth Factor)

Stimulates microcirculation in the scalp and boosts the activity of hair follicles, stimulating hair growth. It supports regeneration processes and significantly stimulates the production of VEGF. Helps protect cells from oxidative stress.

sh-Oligopeptyd-2 (IGF-1, Insulin-like Growth Factor-1)

Actively participates in the proliferation and healthy growth of cells. Strengthens hair shafts and stimulates their growth.

sh-Polipeptyd-9 (VEGF, Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor)

Stimulates the formation of new blood vessels, and increases hair bulb oxygenation. Reduces the negative impact of DHT, which is responsible for androgenic alopecia.


Stimulates the process of angiogenesis, thus

intensively stimulating circulation in the

scalp through the production of new blood

vessels. Supports the regenerative process

of the scalp, reducing the amount of oxygen

free radicals responsible for hair loss.


Inhibits apoptosis, stimulates hair growth, regenerates hair bulbs.

Copper Tripeptide-1

An active peptide that prolongs the anagen

phase, further shortening the telogen phase,

allowing hair to reach its maximum growth

phase and regrow faster after falling out.

Copper tripeptide blocks the action of DHT,

adversely affecting hair follicles. Copper is

involved in the melanin synthesis process,

so the peptide prevents from gray hair.

Hyaluronic acid contained in the product is the carrier of its active ingredients and also ensures adequate scalp hydration. The addition of hydrolyzed keratin – the natural building block of hair, which is rich in sulfur amino acids – allows to replenish damaged disulfide bridges, resulting in hair being reinforced right from the roots. Thanks to the use of keratin, the structure of the hair roots is much stronger, and the hair shaft is more resistant to breakage and possible damage. Thanks to its flavonoid and vitamin content, with vitamins such as C, A, K, the Centella Asiatica extract shows strong antioxidant and regenerative effects, resulting in much higher cellular activity, allowing faster hair growth. Centella Asiatica stimulates the angiogenesis process, resulting in a network of new blood vessels being formed, thus stimulating hair follicle oxygenation.

The product acts in synergy to help your hair grow long and lustrous:

  • prevents hair loss,
  • activates hair bulb and hair shaft growth
  • supplements deficient keratin, a substance which is necessary for correct hair growth
  • reduces the cause of androgenetic hair loss
  • prevents from gray hair

1 ampoule every 14 days for 3/6 sessions.