Venome Acid & C Serum is an intense regenerating brightening complex based on substances with antioxidant and < /span>anti-aging, synergistically supporting natural regeneration and stimulation, which contributes to an increase in density< /span> and skin firmness.

Venome Acid Serum & C Serum is an intensive brightening therapy that effectively reduces skin pigmentation changes, restoring its proper, even color. Acid Concentrate & C accelerates cell renewal, through high antioxidant potential, strengthening the tension and elasticity of tissues.

Serum has a velvet consistency , thanks to which it is quickly absorbed, leaving an intense glow and an optimal level of hydration.


  • Lack of shine
  • Dry skin
  • Uneven skin tone, discoloration
  • Visible signs of aging in the form of wrinkles
  • Drop in elasticity and density
  • Skin exposure to UV radiation


  • Apply a small amount of the product to the washed and cleansed face, massage until completely absorbed, then use an appropriate care cream.


  • To enhance the nutritional potential, use with  Venome Unique Cream 
  • STEP I – application of Acid serum & C
  • STEP II – application of Unique cream

Composition and action

  • The serum is based on the highest, 20% concentration of an innovative form of vitamin C , which is characterized by high stability, lack of irritation and the most effective action, additionally showing very effective transepidermal penetration. Vitamin C is an extremely important element in the production of collagen fibers, which is why it is so important to provide it in daily care. Thanks to the use of an ethylated form of ascorbic acid, the product is able to work longer in the skin, strengthening its regenerative and protective potential more intensively. As a result of long-term use, the skin regains proper density and firmness.
  • Thanks to the content of ferulic acid, with exceptionally strong antioxidant and discoloration reducing properties, the product reduces the activity of tyrosinase, contributing to the reduction of visibility pigmentation changes, giving the skin an even color. At the same time, ferulic acid effectively minimizes the amount of free oxygen radicals, which are responsible for the destruction of protein structures. The product also has anti-inflammatory potential, accelerating the healing of possible lesions.
  • The content of vitamin E improves skin elasticity by strongly strengthening the integrity of the intercellular cement. Ferulic acid additionally intensifies the action of tocopherol (vitamin E) and vitamin C, by stabilizing them and increasing the effectiveness in terms of antioxidant protection. As a result, the product effectively inhibits the progressing aging process caused by free oxygen radicals.
  • Alfalfa extract, which has a similar effect to retinol, effectively strengthens cell renewal processes, smoothing the skin and reducing visibility of wrinkles.
  • The synergistic combination of succinic acid and hyaluronic acid naturally improves cell stimulation, reducing the number of wrinkles and improving tissue density. Hyaluronic acid improves hydration in the deeper parts of the skin, leaving it firm and tense. Succinic acid contained in the preparation is able to activate and accelerate natural cellular metabolism, which significantly increases the amount of transported ions and more effective cellular respiration, which prevents cellular degradation resulting from from low oxygen concentration. Succinic acid additionally has strong antioxidant properties, thanks to which it reduces the risk of oxidative stress, which causes irreversible changes in the DNA of the cell. At the same time, regenerative processes take place much faster, making the skin more resistant to external factors.
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